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How Do You Handle The Constant “No’s”?

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 3/7/22 5:48 AM

How Do You Handle The Constant “No’s”

How do you handle the constant “No’s” that you're going to get at every step of your sales career? I have three ways that I handle it. I call it the “Expect, Accept & Deflect.

First. We have to expect that the “No’s” are going to happen. I mean, we know that it's going to happen and so anticipate because they will. It’s just life and in sales, it's a multiplier. 

The other thing is to accept that the “No” really doesn't have anything to do with you. You have to accept that when you hear the “No”, it's not like you did something wrong. 

We feel that way though, right? The rejection.

  • Is there something wrong with me? 
  • I didn't say the right thing.
  • I didn't do the right thing. 
  • I'm not enough. 
  • That's why they said, “No”. 

But it's really not because it's really not about you. Remember that the questions we asked have to be all about the buyer. So it's like dating. Except it's the, “Not me, it's you”, kind of thing. 

So, to handle those  “No” s, that's the other part of it is to deflect it. It's not the right time for them right now. Or maybe they don't understand the full gravity of the problem yet and they need to learn a little bit more.

Whatever the  “No”  is about, it doesn't have anything to do with you.
  • It might just be that they're not ready to solve it yet.
  • Maybe, it's not a big enough problem.
  • Or it might be that they want to solve it but they can't find the money to solve it.
These are all things that might be out of your control.

The  “No”  doesn't have to be about you. So, deflect it. 

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