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Carole Mahoney

Carole Mahoney
Carole Mahoney was among the first Hubspot Partners and is an entrepreneur's evangelist. Today she trains and coaches other entrepreneurs to grow their business with inbound.
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When sales leaders feel like they're parenting

Being a sales leader is a lot like being a parent. Yeah? Okay. I feel that way because, as a parent, you wanna see your team succeed. We get frustrated when we show them something over and over and over again, and they still don't quite seem to get...

Transform your sales calls into success stories

Let me take you through a scenario that's all too familiar to anyone in sales. You're deep into a thirty-minute discovery chat, maybe about ten minutes from wrapping it up. In addition, you've shared insights and summarized key points, and now it's...

When your sales calls bring up emotions

Understanding emotions is really important in sales conversations. Emotional intelligence is key to sales success because it helps manage the fear of rejection and stay focused. Emotions can make it hard to make good decisions during discovery...

Discovery questions you need to be asking

Have you ever found yourself in a crucial sales meeting with a potential client ready to impress and dive straight into the presentation, eager to showcase your offerings? I know I have. As the conversation progressed, I realized something was...

Unlocking Business Success: Transform your discovery calls

I've learned that effective communication is crucial in sales. It has enabled me to make that initial connection and truly nurture relationships with my clients. 

Transform your sales approach: Unleash success now

So, you've hustled and booked those critical meetings. Now, what's next? The burning question often is: What do I say? What do I ask? And what do I do with the information?

Reaching the big boss without ruffling feathers

Have you ever felt like it's nearly impossible to connect with someone in charge when you're trying to sell something or launch your business? It's like there's a massive barrier in front of you, and the people guarding it don't want to let you...

Embracing Yourself: The Secret to Business Success

Happy Valentine's Day! Today is well known for exchanging gifts among lovers and couples. You know, all those hearts and flowers! But it is also a day to celebrate and love what we do and who we are.

Closing deals: Talking to the right people

Reaching the decision-maker might sound scary, but it's worth it. Why? Well, not only does it make it more likely that we'll seal the deal, but it also helps us serve our clients better. Sometimes, what they need doesn't quite match up with what...

Maximizing referrals and introductions for business

In business, referrals and introductions are powerful tools for growth. In this blog post, we'll discuss how to maximize them.