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Asking For Pain In Sales Conversations

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 12/27/21 7:31 AM

Asking For Pain (1)

Okay, super quick coaching tip for y'all.
Have you ever wondered why our buyers recoil from us? Perhaps it is because we are so often told in sales that it is our job to dig for, discover, and uncover the pain. Then we become so laser-focused on the pain that we start with that.

So here's my coaching tip for you:

When you're coaching your sellers, or if you are a seller, instead of asking questions that are all about the pain, ask some questions about the things that they want to achieve.

  • Their goals
  • Their vision of success for the future
  • The things that they want to achieve and accomplish more than anything else.

Then ask, “So, what's standing in the way?”. You'll probably find people are much more open to talking about the things that are standing in the way of achieving their goals than when you call them and say, “So, where are you seeing the need for improvement in your XYZ"?”.

Try that out. Love to hear how it works for you and tune in next time for the next coaching tip of the day. Until next time, keep having fun out there.


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