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Why authentic conversations are important for sales

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 3/16/23 7:15 AM

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The authentic conversations are the authentic buyer journey.  The reason it makes for a much better buyer and customer experience, they have consistency in the conversation with us. I'll get thrown over the wall, like, the technical engineer, the sales engineer, isn't having a different conversation because it all starts with "I'm demoing today for you." 

After all, I understand from your AE, your sales rep, that this is what you're trying to accomplish. And then only hand off to customer success. We know why they're there. They don't have to re-explain it. 

And so this idea that we have shared ways of questioning and success statements. It leads to a much more consistent customer and buying customer experience, reduces friction for them, and gets them more excited about talking to us. 

And we educate them quicker about how we can make them more successful. There's nothing more frustrating as a buyer than feeling like you must keep repeating yourself because nobody seems to be listening or talking to each other. Like, that is the first and foremost way to destroy the buying experience altogether and the customer experience. And it still seems to be a struggle for so many. 

What is getting in the way of them having this shared playbook and open communication internally and with buyers? 

Ultimately, you need the go to market leadership. Because starting with the sales and the successful leadership in particular, but say look in a boisterous buyer environment, we need to learn quickly from each other how we win. 

We need to understand what motivates our buyers and customers. 

So a shared playbook means we can now consistently talk to our buyers and customers about value and learn from each other. Well, it begins with a leadership commitment that says, if we agree that in the old world, I learn quickly if I pitch my product. 

And many times, people say, "we don't need anything else. We have experienced sellers". You know, the experience is the rearview mirror.  In an environment where you think every company has probably three or four value props they sell around five or six key personas and four or five key segments they sell into.

You might have thirty or forty versions of a sales conversation when you personalize value by value prop by persona and segment. You'll only do that well by learning from each other.  

It's not your experience but the shared playbook that helps you personalize what will make you more successful.

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