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5 Time Saving Tips for Social Media Management

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 5/18/10 11:07 AM

As the 1986 wonder-hit 'Save Some Time for Me'  goes:

"I was thinking I could wait until the work is done
But you'll only want to get back out and have some fun
Why can't you save time for me...
There isn't much but it's all that I want from you
I showed you what you had to do to make some sense
But time moves fast
And it doesn't last"
(Yes, I am being sarcastic on the wonder-hit part)

If you're struggling with finding the time to use social media, you're probably wrestling in two ways. You either spend too much time on social media and not using it effectively for marketing, or you're struggling to find the time.

Fortunately, the solutions for both issues are the same!

Five Time Saving Tips to Make the Best Use of Social Media

1. Know your audience and have a purpose. Be intentional about the time you're spending on social media. To do that, you need a plan, a marketing plan. What do you want to accomplish? Who are you trying to connect with? What is important to them?

Recognizing new media as an important part of your marketing plan, and designing action steps, can help you control and use your time efficiently. Understanding that before hand will keep you on task and prevent you from developing ADHD in Twitterland.

2. Schedule your time on social media like an appointment. Set aside time several times a day to check Facebook, log on to Twitter, or read your blogs. If you set aside 45 minutes a day, in three 15 minute increments, and actually put them on your daily planner, you'll begin to control the time spent.

If your marketing plan calls for you to comment on one industry Tweet a day, and one blog, make sure you've scheduled a reasonable, appropriate amount of time to do that.

3. Use social media tools. Tools like HubSpot allow you to manage your social media accounts all within one application, saving you the time of going in and out of multiple accounts. In addition to saving you time, you can also analyze your social media reach and how many leads you are generating from social media. 

Some other tools you can use are Google Alerts, Tweetdeck or for analysis TwitAlyzer.

4. Shut off notifications to eliminate distractions. Don't keep your accounts open so that you hear every ping! Intentionally log on when it's time to check an account, remind yourself of what you're trying to accomplish, spend your time there and then log off. You are in charge!

5. Be selective. No one is demanding that you overwhelm yourself with interesting -but essentially useless - content. Sometimes less is better. Stick with those sources that you have come to see real insight through.

Bonus Social Media Tip

6. Create a content schedule that includes social media. If you're supposed to be posting a blog every week, set aside the time to develop an editorial calendar, and then schedule your blogging time every week. If it's an important part of your marketing plan, be intentional, and then follow through.

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