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Do You Need Marriage Counseling for Sales and Marketing?

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 9/25/10 2:52 PM

Why can't marketing and sales just get along?

This is not a new problem, it has existed, since, well.... always! I call it the blame game.

Sales says:

  • Marketing gives us crappy leads
  • There are not enough crappy leads
  • Marketing is a waste of money

In turn, marketing says:

  • Sales doesn't follow-up
  • Sales wants everything done for them
  • Sales people are overpaid
  • Sales takes all the credit, none of the blame

So where does the problem really lie?

Like with a marriage, it takes two- so both are to blame and both are the problem. And the solution.

HubSpot recently did a great webinar on the why and how to align your sales and marketing teams, they call it 'smarketing'.

I call it sexy.

Here's some basics on why:

  • When marketing and sales are intimately close, sparks fly and customers buy. The message from marketing matches the experience they have with sales, and everyone is happier.
  • With open communication that doesn't place blame, each is able to share with the other what works, what doesn't work, and come up with solutions that delight the customer and the bottom line. Each is in tune with the other and are able to reinforce the value for the customer.

How does this happen? HubSpot identifies 6 tactics to help sales and marketing to align in order for real benefit to happen.

  1. Build an Open Communication Model (Be a learning organization)
  2. Set agreed terminology and metrics
  3. Grade and filter leads accordingly
  4. Grow the top of the funnel
  5. Nurture leads
  6. Analyze the closed loop

Granted, this is not easy. Not only does it require a shift in culture, it also requires a shift in egos and a willingness to accept responsibility and share success.

Of course, I always try to practice what I preach, so I understand the challenges. Through some expert sales training, I have learned a lot about sales lately, and as a marketer, gained a new found respect for that role. And one of the benefits to this new understanding is not only more sales, but better marketing.

Are you ready for some marriage counseling? Sound off, what is your biggest beef with your counterpart, and how will you turn it into a closer relationship?

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