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3 Steps to Inbound Internet Marketing in 2011

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 1/18/11 9:00 AM

Why 3? Because of my New Year's resolution: to KISS a lot.

Keep It Simple Stupid. 

Why should we all KISS each other? Too many internet marketers are so well versed in internet speak (SEO, PPC, SERP, click path navigational analysis) that we left prospects bewildered and scratching their heads a long time ago trying to figure out what the hell we are talking about. We forgot what plain simple English is. To make matters worse, then we start making up new terms that only we understand. No wonder the majority of marketers and business owners are overwhelmed!

And it's not just marketers, sales is guilty too. The majority of us (yes, I wrote us) jump right into presenting where we are running a 1 way discussion trying to convince our prospect of the value of what we are offering. We speak in our lingo because we have no idea what matters to the prospect. Our aim as sales people should be to help the right people to buy, not convince them that they should.

To help combat these bad habits, I renamed our blog "Internet Marketing in Plain English". I am (was) as guilty as any of my colleagues of internet speak. I need a constant reminder that not everyone had a Tandy 1000 by the age of 12 and was the only one who could use it because you needed to know some MS DOS coding to run the thing. And so I will occasionally refer to you, my reader, to tell me when you don't know what the hell I am talking about. Please- call me on it.

Next, I reflected on everything I have learned in the past 10 years about marketing, business, sales and the internet. And it was with the help of a trusted advisor and their perspective that I was able to boil it all down to 3 very simple things.


Now you might be saying to yourself, come on- with everything always changing on the internet, how can you possibly manage with just these 3 steps?

Hear me out. Anything we do in life, if we are to learn, grow and get better, isn't this the process we all go through?

Interested in hearing more? Join me for my next webinar and let's see if we can help you to KISS more with your marketing and sales in 2011.

Market on.

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