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What You Can Do Right Now for Better Inbound Internet Marketing

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 1/20/11 9:15 AM

Step 2 of 3 for Inbound Internet Marketing

Have you heard "old marketing" is getting thrown out the window? My advice? Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. History teaches you things.

Basic marketing and sales concepts still apply- they are just a whole lot faster with new medium (Internet), updated tactics (beyond SEO and into behavior marketing, customer experience and 24-7 access to target prospects. Another post, another day).

Ok. Let's put the brakes on for a second. A reality check for small business owners. Understand that before you start driving the BMW race car on the track of 'new marketing and sales', you have to take drivers ed and learn to drive the Escort in the back country roads. In winter. In Maine.

In other words, consider what you are realistically able to do before you start. If you are a small bed and breakfast, you can't afford a 6 figure e-commerce system. If you are a one-man shop, you might find it difficult to blog everyday. So since the doing is the most expensive step of the process (in both time and tools), consider wisely young grasshopper, and plan long term and short term.

Whether you are a small business owner or an executive, your strategic inbound marketing plan is now your 'playbook, guest practices guide, ROI report, and roadmap' to help you get more lead and/or sales for your business.

Remember that there comes a time to stop thinking about doing it (then waiting to see what happens) and just do it. Those who are investing in inbound internet marketing now are the ones who will see the greatest return. It's never too late, but it will be getting harder. And soon.

Your work during step 1 (DO) will pay off when you sit back and reflect on the difference between trying to get something done before (like plowing a field by hand and broadcasting seed willy-nilly. Translation=Maine slang for 'did something without a plan that cost you a lot') and getting it done in step 2 with a strategic plan. (like using a rototiller and companion planting. Translation=a plan, a machine, domination of your brand).

So there it is. To know what to do in step 2, the 'DO' of internet inbound marketing, see step 1.

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