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How Small Businesses Can Find Time for Internet Marketing

Posted by Jess Stark on 3/1/11 4:01 PM
Many small business owners are overwhelmed at the very prospect of adding something else to their workload, even though they're equally petrified of being left out.

Relax! Internet Marketing is just another tool that helps you communicate with your customers. The difference is that your customer has the option of communicating back, which makes it even more valuable.
So how do you use it effectively, without it taking time away from your business?


You have many marketing tools available to you: your website, email marketing, your company's blog, press releases, and social media are all tools that can be used to connect with your customers. When you create your internet marketing plan, you can decide which combination of these tools work best for you. You don't have to use them all!

Explore, Join and Listen

Social media is a tool, like any other. Find and follow people tweeting about your area or industry on Twitter. Join some appropriate Facebook or LinkedIn groups that include your target audience. Listen! Add to the conversation when you have valuable information to share. This doesn't need to take more than 20 minutes of your time.


The objective of marketing is to make something happen: increase visibility, increase sales, increase donations, increase (or perhaps decrease) calls, increase visits. You can use social media to do all of this, but it's a matter of matching your resources to your priorities. Decide which tools work best to help you meet your priorities. Then commit to them and actively use them. Blogging consistently can increase visibility, Twitter can be useful for up to date changes such as daily specials, Facebook can be a relationship building tool and LinkedIn can be useful in positioning your company as an industry expert.


Remember: You're in Charge!

An internet marketing plan can be adjusted and changed to meet your company's changing needs. There is not a one-size fits all approach to marketing. It is as unique and individual as your company is. The key is to find the right fit.  If it still feels overwhelming, we can help.

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