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Small Business Email Marketing: The Fifth Commandment

Posted by Cheri Gaudet on 7/4/11 11:30 AM

Thou Shalt Not Spam Conference Attendee Lists

Sign up sheetYes, it really is a big deal. Smart businesses use permission marketing principles and avoid sending unsolicited emails like the plague. Aside from the fact that it's prohibited by conferences and anti-spam legislation, here are three reasons why you should never send an unsolicited email.

It violates people's expectations.

Permission-based marketing is no longer the "new thing" - it's the established standard. The reason is simple. In a world where the only escape from information overload is our dreams, people want control over what they take in - and what they filter out.

It's disrespectful.

Permission-based marketing holds that people have a right to choose what information they want to receive. Anything less disrespects a person's ability to make decisions for themselves.

It doesn't work.

Given the above two principles, it's easy to see why even a single unsolicited email can tarnish your business' reputation and erode potentially fruitful relationships. Always remember that your email lists consist of potential customers. Treat them right from the start, and you'll have the best chance of developing a mutually beneficial relationship.

What's the alternative?

Confused about how permission-based email marketing works for your small business? Let us show you how it works.

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