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Smarketing Tip of the Week: Create Cheers-like Customer Experience

Posted by Cheri Gaudet on 12/10/11 12:22 PM

It's Business - and It's Personal

Customer experience is the tie that binds sales and marketing into smarketing. From the first moment a prospects encounters your business, whether that is in a list of search results online, or an in-person meeting, or on the phone during a cold call, a person’s experience with your business is the most important factor that determines whether they will do business with you. Not price. Not location. Not even necessarily the depth of your expertise or the breadth of your selection – but their personal, individual experience.

In this video I talk about why Carole Mahoney drives 15-20 minutes out of her way to go to a particular convenience store - and tell a story about my own experience with the owner.

Smarketing Tip: What's your customer's name?

Think about your business, and all the different types of interactions you have with prospects and customers. And think about how you can begin to create a Cheers bar experience for them. How can you let them know that you know their name – from the first interaction to the follow-up? How can you create the type of relationship that builds trust and mutual respect? Who are the people who you would like to go out of their way to do business with you? And then give them a reason to do that.

Smarketing and Business Development

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What is your smarketing tip? How have you delighted your customers recently? Or have you had one of those out-of-this world experiences with a business? Share the love below!

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