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What Two Factors Are Most Important to Sales & Marketing Success?

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 3/15/12 12:37 PM

Here we go.


Winning Sales Techniques that Increase Sales

They can be taught. If you are teachable. What works for you will not likely work the exact same way for someone else. Knowing the latest sales techniques and tips is like a doctor that only treats symptoms and never the cause in the first place.

Can a sales assessment really tell you if you are ready?

In all truthfulness, before I finished this blog post I read my own sales assessment from 2 years ago. I have done that several times whenever I am faced with one of those business/life changing decisions and need a reality check.

Two things stood out to me after I asked my coach the same question as this blog post title.

  1. Desire is having a personally meaningful goal. "If  selling  success  hasn't  already  come  your  way,  your  strong  desire  assures  that  it  soon will.    Strong  desire,  the  most  important  element  in  sales,  will  provide  the  incentive to make the changes even when it is difficult or uncomfortable."
  2. Commitment is having a plan to achieve that goal. "Commitment is a measure of whether you will do whatever it takes to achieve success in sales.

Here we go. Again.

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