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How will Women Entreprenuers Change the World?

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 5/13/12 6:08 AM

More women (than men) are graduating from college, starting businesses, families.

So what?

I still hear more women (than not) saying how difficult it is. It has forced me to sit on my hands and start biting my lip at the things I wish I never had to hear again- because there is no reason to believe any of it. You want girl power? Real girl power? I have 2 words for you. STOP IT!

Women Entrepreneurs will change their world when they stop:

Saying: "We deserve success because we have been oppressed by the this male-dominated world, because we have been laughed at, trodden upon, yet we are the hardest workers. We don't demand things, we seek to understand and learn and build others up."

STOP IT! You don't deserve it, you earn it. It doesn't matter what your race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or geographic location. You deserve nothing. You work to earn everything. Your "minority" is what makes you unique. It is a competitive advantage!

Believing: That the proper work-life balance is the goal, but that they have to do everything themselves. (And you wonder why guys think we are nuts?)

STOP IT! First of all, there is no such thing a 9-5 anymore. Second, your kids might actually be better off if they don't believe the world revolves around them. Third, if what you are doing is truly your passion and belief, why would you separate it?

Doing: More work than you are getting paid for.

STOP IT! Why are you doing it? Because you don't want to talk about money? You have to deal with a more confident male on the other side of the table? You don't want to cause conflict and risk losing the money you are getting now?

Ignoring: That what is happening right now is the only thing you have control over.

STOP IT! You are missing out on countless opportunities by the distraction of what might, or might not happen tomorrow. You are the cause of 90% of your stress. No one else. Just you.

Stop using the fact that you are a woman as a crutch or an excuse, or even a reason- for anything.

Only then will you be able to change everything.

If you want something to start happening, to change, then get out of your comfort zone. Stop comparing yourself to the men. It is like running a race looking sideways, you will hit a wall because you didn't pay attention to where you were going. Get yourself evaluated objectively and eliminate those weaknesses that stand as insurmountable road blocks. Dig deep and use your girl power to do more.

I leave you on Mother's day with this my female friends. I recently asked, loudly, to a group of female entrepreneurs complaining that they couldn't compete in a male dominated world and didn't know what to do.

"You already know what to do! When you go out on a date, who has the power? Tap into and use that power (in a alternate way of course) to your competitive advantage."

Throw away all the different hats you wear and wear the only one that matters.

You. Start here. Now.

Stop operating as if being a woman puts you at a disadvantage. It's a lie too many woman feed themselves, and are missing out on their competitive advantages. Now go work it girl! (aren't you tired yet?)

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