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Smarketing for Entreprenuers with ADHD

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 6/10/12 9:52 PM

Can the Smarketing approach change your business, or your life?

Last week I talked with an entrepreneur who has a child with ADHD. I have heard many life and business coaches say that nearly every entrepreneur is, or has, some form of ADHD. I don't doubt I am one of those, even though I've never been diagnosed. (ask me sometime how long it took me to find an image for this blog! (Not sure what ADHD is? Check out this funny video.) But this isn't about me (and if you clicked on the video, assume you have ADHD too).

Back to our entrepreneur who is trying to spend less time involved in the day to day operations of his business so that he can spend more time with his son. He is thinking about hiring a commission sales person to handle and possibly take over the already established wholesale side of his business (his bread and butter). The margins are small, and getting smaller, for the wholesale side. His thought? The internet to the rescue! Let's set up a website, drive some traffic, and the sales will come in on their own.

Anyone else see a problem with that? That part of the story is to be continued...

What is sticking in my mind about the conversation is that stat about entrepreneurs and ADHD. Turns out it is not necessarily a bad thing, if you can harness it. It also turns out that ADHD experts recommend a process that, in part, sounds familiar to Smarketing.

How Smarketing can help entreprenuers with ADHD.

Smarketing in relation to the experts ADHD advice

DISC and Myers-briggs are all good tools. But for sales and marketing, a role-specific assessment must be used, not just altered to suit the assessor.


Find "a coach who uses a strength based approach that also employs data driven assessment tools that incorporate objective data about their own ADHD traits and strengths, individual learning style, performance and interactions with others."


The best strategies are not templates, but are custom tailored based on the strengths of the company and the needs of the ideal customer. No two are alike.


 "Learn more about your unique positive traits, and develop the specialized skill of harnessing and leveraging your unique creativity and positive strengths."



This where your ADHD can make you a great entrepreneur, if you can direct your need for action to be profitable, not just busy. Most of the time, a coach is just the person who can bring it out in you, keep you accountable and even motivated.


"Help yourself or your employee with ADHD accept that they have a need for stimulation. This need fuels their creativity and allows them to be highly effective in high-risk/stress situations. Select activities where these ADHD trait can have a positive impact on your company’s bottom line."

1st rule in professional selling? "If you are not having fun you are doing it wrong."

Have Fun!

Maybe this is why I have heard some entreprenuers say that Smarketing has changed their business and their life?

What about you, are you ready to turn all that idea and energy into focused action that brings real results? Have ideas, dreams, goals and aspirations, but not sure how you are going to get there, but ready to jump- even if it means not looking?

Do yourself a favor, get objectively evaluated as an entrepreneur, a sales person, account manager, or even marketing person with an assessment test. Start there, go anywhere.

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