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What Convergence Marketing Could Mean to Your Business

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 11/13/12 2:13 PM

This is mostly an observation that I felt compelled to point out. It stems from many sales conversations, my hubby's latest college course on media convergence, and a hot new TV show that caught my eye.

First, this is what hubby would call a highly egghead subject, but despite his protests I hold onto the idea that smart and fun are not mutually exclusive. Smart is sexy! So first, the TV show sets the stage.

Revenge is a show (my Nana would call it one of her "stories") on its second season with ABC. I only bother to tell you, not because of the show itself, but the advertising that was done by Target and Neiman Marcus. You can watch the entire show and ad series here.

This is why I think it was smart, and therefore sexy, and why it might be worth considering what it could mean to your business:

  • Convergence with social media. As you see a lot in TV lately, the use of Twitter to engage the audience is another plus for advertisers. The more people who watch the show and share it, the more likely they will see their ad. Media convergence means that just SEO, advertising, email, or even mobile are not a magic bullet for your business. Your strategy must include the media channels your customers are using, and use it how they are.
  • Convergence with now and later. ABC further provided value for their advertisers by allowing you to see the show online- but left the ad series in, and only that ad series. Content is never a one-time expense, it is an asset that can be used later.
  • Convergence with advertising. These are not your typical ads. Not to give it away totally, but the ad series used the plot line, style, actors, and characters of the show. Wait, what about DVRs? Don't most people just record their favorite shows and skip the commercials? Why yes, unless you create marketing that people love and share. If you love the show, you'll love the ad. You want to see what happens next and how it all comes together. No bait and switch, the advertisers made the ad a sub-plot to the show by letting the viewer know that this was separate. So you don't feel tricked.
  • Convergence with competitors. The advertisers are 2 retailers, Neiman Marcus and Target. I don't see this as a new trend, but it certainly is a rising one. I often find myself saying that when you know what you do best and who for, then you are able to find those collaborators who round out the rest. Neiman Marcus, as a higher end retailer, benefits from the operational systems and larger customer base of Target. Target benefits as a having higher quality merchandise for those who don't want to be seen at Walmart. Each benefits from the strengths of the other. Only possible when you don't pretend to be all things to anyone. You can be small and scale with this principle.

Where else is convergence happening? You mean other than media, competition, sales and marketing, development and design, software and hardware (Apple, Google), corporate and non-profit, nature and science, online and offline? Did I miss any? Ignore the headlines that claim this or that is dead. There are no ends, just new beginnings. Adaptability is key.

Why is all this happening? (I have my thoughts, but please share yours in the comments.) How will you adapt? What will happen if you don't?

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