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Marketing Do's & Don'ts from Inbound Networkers

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 11/5/13 8:40 AM

Inbound Marketing Best Practices Isn't Just Marketing

Every Wed at noon I moderate a live panel discussion with other members of the Inbound Networkers Linkedin Group. This past week, 8 of us talked about some of the do's and don'ts of marketing. Now even thought we started on this topic, it seemed to bleed into sales and service as well. Is that because we can't stay on topic?

Or is it further evidence that you can't have a discussion about do's and don'ts in marketing without taking sales and service into consideration as well? As more and more companies are forced to become more transparent, they are becoming more collaborative and more focused on their buyers and what delights them.

As it f&*ing should be. Check out a summary of our comments below. 

Owen Blevins, Owen Blevins Consulting.

DO: Be buyer persona and niche focused.

DON'T: Wing it.

Peter Notschke, Score More Sales.

DO: Make it easy to share.

DON'T: Assume, test it out.

Karl Brandt, Etika Marketing.

DO: Be careful what you say, don't swear.

DON'T: Think one size fits all. Segment!

Read more about what Karl means when he says be careful about what you say in your marketing on his blog.

Jeff Drust, Jeff Drust Consulting

DO: Make marketing accountable to revenue. 

DON'T: Forget to talk to your customer.

Ed Kleinman, Join Venture

DO: Prospect by going to past clients.

DON'T: Allow communication silos between sales and marketing.

Adam Zais, Wisitia

DO: Align compensation and goals to performance. 

DON'T: Pit departments and/or roles against each other. 

Then there is me.

DO: Surveying internally and externally regularly.

DON'T: Ignore the bad, address it.

What can you learn or add to the discussion? Join the Inbound Networkers Linkedin group and vote on our next topic, or suggest a topic in the comments below. Maybe you will meet some other like minded people that could help you grow your business.

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