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Buyer First: My Heartfelt Journey Unveiled

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 9/26/23 12:45 PM

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A Revolutionary Approach to Sales

I was so excited to share my journey on the Impact Pricing Podcast with host Mark Stiving recently. Said journey has resulted in my book, "Buyer First." This book is the outcome of years of research, personal experience, and a desire to transform the way we think about sales. 

In my book Buyer First, I provide insights that can revolutionize your sales approach.

From Reluctance to Revelation: My Story

I started my career as a marketing enthusiast. Sales was something I never imagined myself doing. 

But, I discovered how salespeople play a vital role in helping clients make informed decisions. This revelation led me down a path of exploration into the minds of both sellers and buyers, ultimately paving the way for "Buyer First."

The Book's Essence: Your Personal Sales Coach

"Buyer First" was written to demystify sales for business owners, entrepreneurs, founders, and seasoned sales professionals alike. It's a guide that offers more than just tips and tricks; it's your personal sales coach, helping you navigate the complex world of selling confidently and efficiently.

The Psychological and Decision Science Blend

This book's unique blend of psychology and decision science sets this book apart. It delves into the psychology of human behavior and change while exploring the intricacies of how buyers make decisions today. By marrying these two worlds, Buyer First equips you with the tools to identify hidden roadblocks in your mindset and adapt to the evolving needs of modern buyers. 

Sales isn't about doing something to people; it's about doing something with them. Collaboration, problem-solving, and active listening are the cornerstones of successful sales in today's dynamic market.

The Coaching Session: Emphasizing the Problem

During a recent interview, I had the opportunity to coach someone on a critical aspect of sales: emphasizing the problem. It's essential to allow clients to express their challenges fully before offering solutions. 

By doing so, you gain a deeper understanding of their perspective and can tailor your offerings accordingly. I shared an experience where I jumped too quickly into providing solutions, realizing the importance of allowing clients to articulate their issues first.

Coaching the Approach: Practice Makes Perfect

One unique aspect of my coaching style is a proactive approach. I encourage individuals to engage in role-playing and practice conversations before they occur. 

This proactive preparation builds confidence and competence, ensuring you're well-prepared to engage with potential buyers. Remember, your clients should never be the ones you practice on; they should be the ones you help.

 A Paradigm Shift in Sales

"Buyer First" is more than just a book; it's a transformative guide for anyone involved in sales. It redefines how we approach sales, emphasizing collaboration, problem-solving, and active listening. As I shared my passion for changing the sales landscape, I hope you are inspired to embark on this transformation journey.

As you read my book, I encourage you to embrace the mindset shift it offers. Emphasize the problem, collaborate with your clients, and make sales a joint endeavor. 

I'm excited to see how this new perspective empowers you to achieve remarkable success in our ever-evolving marketplace.

Catch the full podcast episode here

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