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Don't forget to celebrate your wins!

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 5/10/23 7:45 AM

reward ourselves

Sometimes amid the hustle and grind, we forget to celebrate our wins. I know I'm guilty of this. But we reward ourselves when we celebrate our wins, no matter how small or large. And our brains love a reward. The release of dopamine is crucial in solidifying our learning, boosting our optimism, and facilitating our ability to form connections with others. These factors are key in aiding us to establish new habits successfully.

Behavioral scientist BJ Fogg said that habit formation is not just about consistent practice but also about the link between our emotions and habits. 

Keeping a positive mindset and emotions is crucial for personal growth and development. It enables us to move forward and make progress toward our goals.

Maintaining a positive outlook makes us more likely to overcome obstacles and succeed. Therefore, focusing on cultivating positivity in our daily lives is essential.

Purpose of celebrating our wins

Celebrating is an experience that should be shared with others rather than just a destination. In the workplace, it's relatively easier to do so. Still, as business owners, it can be challenging to create celebrations for our small and big wins, especially when we spend most of our time isolated. How can we overcome this challenge?

After celebrating with my family, I realized that it's important to do, especially as we're working towards big goals that seem far away. 

When we celebrate, it creates an instant reward system that motivates us to continue our efforts. Research shows that implementing a reward system, whether it be through small or large celebrations, can make unpleasant tasks more instantly gratifying.

Do you find prospecting to be a daunting task? Here's a suggestion: schedule a specific time on your calendar for prospecting and plan a little celebration or reward to enjoy after completing it. Doing so gives you something to look forward to and might make the task seem less daunting.

Are you ready to celebrate your wins?

How can you use this strategy to motivate yourself while working on unpleasant tasks or pursuing larger goals? Additionally, how can you apply this approach within your team to acknowledge progress and celebrate achievements, especially during challenging times?

I would love to hear from you about how you can use this and how you celebrate it. So share below how you've celebrated something recently. 

And if you liked this post, make sure that you share it with someone. Until next time, keep learning and keep sharing out there. Bye, all.

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