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How the choices we make impact us

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 11/30/22 1:45 PM


It has been a week of sharp contrast for me. I spent most of the week celebrating our fourteenth wedding anniversary with my husband. That's another story.

And then, the rest of the week, with all of my fellow Women Sales-Pros in Atlanta, talked about how we grow our businesses, collaborate, refer each other, and lift each other up.

On my way home, I learned that one of my oldest friends is homeless and facing some real challenges. I kept asking myself about:

  • The choices that we make and how they impact us.
  • How sometimes helping people becomes part of the problem. Especially when we enable the habits and choices they've made because they don't feel the need for change.

And as I was walking my dog in contrast between Hotlanta and Southern Maine cold, I started thinking about our choices. At what point do we enable people and become part of the problem? We just want to be able to help.

Sales is life, right?

When we hire salespeople and when we face some tough choices.

  • Do we continue to develop and invest in this person? Will they be able to improve?
  • Or are we doing them a disservice by keeping them in a place where it's not the best fit for them? But they're not going to get the kind of help they need and the type of environment in which they need to do that.

How do we make those decisions? Those tough decisions?

I'll get back to you on that next week. And I want to know your thoughts on this topic. Please comment below, and share this post with your friends. Then head over to LinkedIn and follow me.

And I also want to hear about your experiences as a buyer, your best experiences, and your worst experiences. And let's see what our sales community can learn from those experiences.

So message me if you'd like to be a guest on the next buyer first, ask me anything where we can talk about that, and help to make sales better.
Until then, keep sharing, keep learning, and have fun out there.

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