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How we can help women in business

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 6/15/23 7:30 AM

How we can help women in business

The lack of female representation in sales is still a prevalent concern in today's business environment. There are various reasons for this inequality, such as the difficulties and objectification women encounter, the perceived risks of being paid on commission, and the lack of female role models.

We must recognize these barriers and explore ways to dismantle them, creating a workplace that empowers and helps women in their career pursuits.

  1. Entering a sales floor as a woman often means navigating a predominantly male environment, where one might feel like a mouse amongst snakes. The daily objectification and scrutiny that women encounter can make the workplace unwelcoming and uncomfortable. Consequently, many women avoid sales roles to avoid further objectification and focus on workplaces promoting inclusivity and respect.
  2. The Risk Factor: Another significant deterrent for women considering sales careers is the perceived risk associated with commission-based pay structures. Financial security is paramount for many individuals, especially those responsible for themselves and their families. Concerns about fluctuating income streams can dissuade women from pursuing sales roles, as they may prefer more stable forms of compensation. To attract more women to sales, organizations must offer support, guidance, and training to alleviate these concerns and equip them with the tools to manage risk effectively.
  3. Lack of Female Role Models: Representation is crucial in inspiring individuals to pursue specific career paths. Unfortunately, the scarcity of female role models in sales can perpetuate the cycle of underrepresentation. Women often find it challenging to relate to male mentors and coaches, as their experiences and approaches may differ significantly.
    By promoting and highlighting successful women in sales, organizations can provide aspiring female professionals with relatable examples to emulate, fostering a sense of belonging and confidence.



Who Will Stand Up for Women in the Office? 

Overcoming these challenges requires collective effort and a supportive workplace culture. Promoting gender equality and women's career advancement in the workplace is everyone's responsibility.

  1. Empowering Women: Women should feel encouraged to assert themselves, challenge inappropriate behavior, and advocate for change. 
  2. Allyship and Advocacy: Men in influential positions must actively support their female colleagues. Men can help create a safe and respectful workplace for women by speaking out against sexist or disrespectful behavior. Showing empathy and solidarity with women's experiences can be a strong force for positive change. 
  3. Organizations must prioritize diversity and inclusion, actively address the objectification and risks associated with sales roles, and promote the visibility of successful women. 

Standing up for women in business helps create a future where gender does not hinder anyone from being recognized for their skills, abilities, and contributions.

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