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How your thinking leads to goal achievement

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 12/6/23 7:45 AM

How Your Thinking Leads to Goal Achievement

Embarking on the journey towards achieving our goals is often a personal and transformative experience. Dr. Gail Matthews conducted a groundbreaking study at the Dominican University where individuals were taken through a five-step process to set and realize their goals. 

In this blog post, I'll share each step, exploring the significance of thoughtful goal-setting and its impact on our lives.

the Daydreamer's Delight: Step One

The first group in Matthews' study began with the simple act of thinking about their goals. This step, often deemed as daydreaming, involves envisioning a future where aspirations are turned into reality.

Explore the power of allowing your mind to wander and consider the possibilities that lie ahead.Check out this video for more details on Step One:

Pen to Paper: Step Two

The second group took the daydreaming a step further. In addition to contemplating their goals, they put pen to paper, creating a tangible record of their aspirations. Recognize the importance of documenting our dreams and how they prove our commitment to ourselves.

Action Commitments: Step Three

Moving beyond thoughts and words, the third group added a crucial element to their goal-setting process – action commitments. By identifying obstacles, necessary skills, and challenging beliefs, individuals paved the way for tangible progress. Taking actionable steps brings us closer to achieving our goals.

The Power of Accountability: Steps Four and Five

The fourth group elevated the stakes by sharing their goals with a supportive individual, creating a sense of accountability. The fifth group took it a step further by regularly reporting their progress to someone else. What a transformative impact of accountability on goal attainment and the strength that comes from sharing your journey.

turn your dreams into reality

Understanding and implementing the five-step process outlined may make you significantly more likely to turn your dreams into reality.


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