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The Power of Optimism for Sales Success

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 7/6/23 4:42 PM

Maintaining Optimism

How does your outlook on the future, your environment, the people around you, and your current circumstances impact your sales success? 

Let me share the inspiring story of Michael Douglas. (no, not the actor), a salesperson for a small startup tech company. When he sought sales coaching to double his sales, little did he know that his journey would be transformed by making small positive changes and cultivating optimism. 

The Transformation of Michael Douglas:

No, not the actor!

Michael Douglas approached me as the sole salesperson of a small tech startup, eager to boost his sales performance. Throughout our coaching sessions, I noticed the small positive changes he was making as each victory and celebration bolstered his confidence. What surprised me was the increase in his overall optimism. 

Almost a year later, Michael reached out to me again, ecstatic about surpassing his sales goal. He admitted that he would have dismissed it with laughter if someone had told him this achievement was possible years ago. Now, his perspective had shifted, and he firmly believed that anything was possible. 

This remarkable transformation sparked my curiosity, leading me to delve into the research surrounding optimism's impact on behaviors and sales success.

The Impact of Optimism on Sales Success:

In a world filled with economic uncertainty, climate change, gun violence, and political turmoil, it's understandable for even the most positive individuals to become cynics. 

However, maintaining optimism, especially during challenging times, is the true test of resilience. As someone who used to consider myself a pessimist, always preparing for the worst, I discovered a different perspective. 

According to Shawn Anchor, author of "The Happiness Advantage," a decade of research confirms that happiness significantly improves various business and educational outcomes. In fact, happiness has been linked to a 37% increase in sales, a 31% boost in productivity, a 19% rise in task accuracy, and numerous health and quality of life improvements.

Moreover, data from our partners, Objective Management Group, revealed that top-performing sellers with a positive outlook demonstrated faster learning abilities and were likelier to set personally meaningful goals. Their increased motivation, desire for success, and commitment to their objectives propelled them. 

All of these positive outcomes can be attributed to their optimistic outlook.

The Neuroscience of Optimism:

Neuroimaging studies conducted at University College London have shed light on the neurological mechanisms behind optimism. They found that optimism activates two crucial areas in the brain: the amygdala and the posterior-anterior cingulate cortex. These regions help us downplay negative emotional responses, allowing us to pursue higher goals and dream bigger. 

Optimism also enhances our ability to learn, understand, and stay focused on near-term events and successes. Optimism becomes a driving force in our sales pursuits by building our confidence.

Maintaining Optimism

While the constant rejection in sales can challenge our ability to stay positive, cultivating optimism remains critical for achieving sales success

Here are three habits that help me maintain a positive outlook and enhance my mental game:

  • Outdoor Exercise: Regular exercise outdoors, such as yoga or walking your dog, can clear your mind and alleviate stress, keeping your spirits high.
  • Embrace Fun Moments: Find joy in spending time with friends and family. Whether dancing, trying new activities, playing games, or sharing laughter.
  • Practice Gratitude: Establish a morning ritual of writing in a gratitude journal. Start your day with a cup of coffee. And enjoy the moment.

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