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Reaching the big boss without ruffling feathers

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 2/21/24 7:45 AM

Reaching the big boss without ruffling feathers

Have you ever felt like it's nearly impossible to connect with someone in charge when you're trying to sell something or launch your business? It's like there's a massive barrier in front of you, and the people guarding it don't want to let you through. But there are ways to get to the big boss without ruffling feathers or ruining your chances.

Put yourself in the middle between a salesperson and your boss.

Your job is to gather info and present stuff to your boss. Have you ever been there? Now, imagine how bad it feels when the salesperson skips talking to you and goes straight to your boss. It sucks for everyone involved.

So, what can you do to make this better? It's all about understanding and talking smart.

First, reassure the person you're talking to by letting them know that you understand how hard it can be to make the introduction. Share your own stories so they know get it. Find common ground by knowing what they want and what's tough for them.

For more insights and actions, watch the video below:


Then, show them why it's a good idea to introduce you to their boss. Make them look good by showing how it could help them reach their goals. Make it clear that working together can be a win-win, like getting more customers or being better on social media.

But what if they still don't want to help? 

-Talk about backup plans and what you'll do if their boss says no. 
-Help them see what might happen if they don't act. 
-And don't get too caught up in needing their approval. Be clear about what you need while still being respectful.


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