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Sales differentiation: a lesson in building trust

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 7/12/23 1:30 PM

Lee Salz Sales differentiation and trustIn a recent interview with author Lee Salz, we uncovered a captivating story and discussed the challenges faced by sales management and the impact on buyer-seller relationships. 

Salz, renowned for his expertise in sales differentiation, shared his personal experiences and shed light on the crucial aspects of effective sales strategies. 

Firing a Publisher

Lee shared an untold story, revealing his decision to part ways with one of the largest publishers in the world. He had reached his breaking point, feeling like a mere number in their system. Lee vividly recalls the final straw: receiving a sample cover for his book, where the word "differentiation" was hyphenated. This incident made him realize that his project was being treated without the care and attention it deserved. Determined to find a publishing partner who would appreciate his work, Salz switched to Harper Collins, where he found the support and personal touch he sought.

The Importance of Feeling Special 

Lee emphasized the significance of feeling valued in the publishing process. He shared a heartwarming anecdote about the day his book, "Sell Different," was released. Harper Collins surprised him with a package containing cookies featuring the book's cover. This unexpected gesture made him feel truly special. Small acts of kindness, like personalized notes or thoughtful gifts, go a long way in establishing meaningful connections with others. In an era dominated by technology, we often overlook the impact of these simple, tangible gestures.

The Sales Management Conundrum 

Moving on to the sales management role, their pressures to meet targets are valid. While they don't explicitly instruct salespeople to treat customers like numbers, the overarching focus on closing deals can inadvertently foster a transactional approach. 

This tunnel vision for results often leads to missed opportunities for incremental gains and personalized interactions. Lee stressed the importance of striving for constant improvement, seeking out small strategies, techniques, and phrases that can have a magical impact on sales outcomes.

The Pitfalls of Discounts and Desperation 

Lee Salz highlighted the counterproductive nature of relying on discounts to create urgency in sales. He revealed that desperate attempts to secure deals through discounts could backfire, eroding trust and damaging buyer-seller relationships. Offering discounts may seem heroic to the salesperson, but the buyer often perceives it as a lack of integrity. He urged salespeople to build trust by avoiding dishonest practices and false urgency, thus fostering a stronger bond with buyers.

Sales Management's Role in Problem Creation 

We further expounded on how sales management unintentionally creates problems in the sales process. Lee described instances where managers overwhelm salespeople with multiple areas for improvement during coaching conversations. 

This approach can leave salespeople feeling lost and stressed, preventing them from being fully present with their buyers. Managers should focus on enabling salespeople to actively listen and ask better questions rather than inundating them with criticism. Companies can enhance their sales efforts by understanding the human element and embracing change management.

Building Trust: Authenticity and Transparency 

In the buyer-seller relationship, trust plays a pivotal role. Honesty and authenticity are key factors in fostering trust with buyers. Salespeople can build stronger connections with their buyers by refraining from lying, avoiding deceptive tactics like discounts for false urgency, and genuinely discussing budgets and ROI. 

Pausing after presenting the price allows buyers to process the information without feeling pressured, ultimately leading to more genuine interactions.

Lee Salz's experiences and insights shed light on the power of sales differentiation and the challenges sales management face. Salespeople can forge stronger bonds with their buyers by prioritizing authenticity, valuing personal connections, and avoiding counterproductive tactics like discounts. These bonds start with building trust.

Sales management must recognize the importance of incremental gains and avoid overwhelming salespeople with excessive criticism. By embracing a human-centric approach, companies can create a sales environment that thrives on trust, authenticity, and continuous improvement.

Connect with Lee Salz on LinkedIn. And don't forget to snag a copy of his book: Sell Different.




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