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Tips for salespeople: straight from my garden

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 9/28/22 7:31 AM

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This post is Part lI of a two-week series about garden tips that can help salespeople, leaders, and business owners. 

Do you want to know my super secret for such excellent vegetables?

My chickens, "the little ladies". They eat all of my organic compost, which becomes a natural fertilizer I can put into my garden beds.

And not only do"the little ladies" eat all of the ticks off the ground, the grasshoppers, and the bad things, but they also provide me with fresh eggs every day and enrich my soil.

So what does this mean in your business?

How do we get our employees to stay while we're in the middle of the "great resignation" and people are leaving their jobs at a record rate?

A study done by Deloitte a few years ago found that the majority of millennials are leaving their jobs every two years.

However, the ones that were more likely to stay were the ones that had a mentor to be able to help them. It's as if you plan on them leaving, and helping them to do so is the very thing that causes them to stay longer.

And your customers? 

  • What training do your salespeople need right now? 
  • What do you need to do to get renewals to happen? 

In a behavioral study, B2B Decision Labs found that this preference stability we feel we need to disrupt in our sales process isn't how we keep our customers.

For example, we had some deer stink. And by making a homemade recipe, I was able to keep the deer from eating my hostas this summer.

Well, I have been spraying the deer stink on these since early spring.  Therefore, the status quo for the deers has become that the hostas don't taste good.

This is how it works for your customers as well. Salespeople, be sure to check in with them consistently and not just at renewal times. Make sure to ask them:

  • Why they decided to buy in the first place. 
  • Which process did they have to go through?
  • What other options are out there that are different now?
  • What are the goals that they're trying to reach at this time?

That's you reinforcing that status equivalent preference, which is you

 use these tips to:

  • Work on your culture 
  • Have the right salespeople on the bus.
  • Train your team and account managers
  • Understand your customers' preference stability and status quo, and reinforce that. 

So please share your tips and what works for you regarding customer and employee retention with me in the comments section below.

And until next time, keep learning and keep sharing out there.

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