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Sounding More Like a Human Than Your Email Sequences Do

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 12/20/21 2:55 PM

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We have to make sure that we're focused on sounding more like a human than our email sequences do. This kind of goes along with the thinking that you have to be able to add more value to the conversation than Google or your website does.

This applies whenever we're thinking about how we position our opening statements to people on the phone. So I've been doing a lot of coaching of BDRs and SDRs lately. And if there's one thing that I keep seeing happening, is that they all sound the same.

how do you differentiate when your product has so many competitors and they have so many other salespeople calling on them?

Well, here's one simple thing you can do: Just add some humor into the conversation.

For example, I heard one BDR call on someone who was in a C-level organization, and she asked permission to have time with them to speak for five minutes. And he said, “yes”.
She responded with, “Are you sure? You do know that this is a sales call, right?”. Of course, he started laughing and it broke the ice and opened up for her to be able to give a positioning statement and ask some open-ended questions.

Break the ice, be a human.

I've even had one salesperson who is also a BDR, keep calling on someone. And every time he keeps getting this objection of, “You know, what, I'm just about to go into a meeting”. So, his response was, “You know what? I must have some magic gift because everyone, I call on seems to be about to go into a meeting.”

And, of course, they laughed. He even furthered that with someone else when he said:

“You know what, I hear that a lot and I'm starting to think that maybe it's me!”

Break the ice. Be a human. Keep it simple.

And keep it specific to the person that you're talking to. Remember the different levels of the organization care about different things.

So if you could say the same thing to everyone in the organization, then you may be guilty of what I call the “corporate speak”, where you can say the same thing to anyone, it doesn't make any difference.

Be a human. Be more of a human than your email sequence.

Until next time all, have fun out there.


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