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This is my favorite question, just like an annoying four-year-old. And since the popularity of Simon Sinek's book “Start with Why” it seems to be the thing on everybody's mind.

Sales therapy

A few months ago, I had beers and wings with Mark Roberge after he spoke at the Boston Enterprise Sales meetup. When I shared what I was doing with clients and the results we were getting he said, “You’re like a sales therapist!”

I cringed a little...

Can one coaching call really make a difference?

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been holding our Live Sales Labs every week. We don't normally do them that often, but with lots of people scrambling to close end of year deals- it seemed like a good way to help.

Your Sales Leaders: Problem or Solution?

Yesterday was the beginning of 4Q16 (the beginning of the end), and I got up early to make sure I had time for plenty of coffee, yoga and reflection before I started the day with 90 minutes of back to back coaching calls at 8am. It`s not very often...

Why you won't make quota

How many headlines a day do you read about "hitting your quota"?

Jeez! It's not about hitting your quota is it? Aren't your goals bigger than your quota? No? Hmmm, maybe that’s why you can’t hit your quota?

What is the value of sales coaching?

How do you know if coaching will be worth it?

My husband and I were watching the Women's Olympic Trials when he commented "Wow, what they can do is amazing. How do they make it look so easy?!" To which I replied, "They live and breathe this- day in...

10 things to look for in a sales coach

How to find the right sales coach (and why these criteria are important)

There are a lot of coaches out there, all with different styles and methodologies. It can be difficult finding the one that will help you get to where you want to be. How do...

What should sales coaching look like?

Several people have said to me recently “No one is doing what you are doing, at least not the way you are doing it. They say they are, but when you really dig and get into it- they aren’t.”

I can understand why. It’s time intensive. It requires an...

How do you know if you need a sales coach?

Someone recently downloaded our Roadmap to Unbound Growth and when I asked them how they found us their reply was; "I believe I was searching for 'sales coaching' or 'professional sales coaching.' I have contemplated using coaching before and I am...

Should sales managers coach?

This post has been sitting in draft for a few weeks because for me, there is no easy answer. When I heard Chris Beall, the CEO from Connect and Sell say at the Sales 2.0 conference in Boston that he didn’t believe that sales managers should coach-...