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Transform your sales calls into success stories

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 4/3/24 7:45 AM

Transform your sales calls into success stories

Let me take you through a scenario that's all too familiar to anyone in sales. You're deep into a thirty-minute discovery chat, maybe about ten minutes from wrapping it up. In addition, you've shared insights and summarized key points, and now it's time to start seeding your solution. This is where you really show your value.

You're not just a salesperson

When you're in the trenches with clients, you're not just a salesperson. 

  • You're a problem-solver
  • You're strategist
  • And a trusted advisor. 

You've got to show them exactly how your strategies can tackle their most demanding challenges head-on. I'm talking about pulling out all the stops, highlighting those award-winning approaches tailored precisely to their needs.

Moreover, it's about presenting solutions that are laser-focused on their specific hurdles so they can see just how effective your game plan will be.

But that's not the end of it. You've got to get into the nitty-gritty of how you're going to deliver those solutions, making it crystal clear how you're going to help them either dodge potential risks or capture those golden opportunities. Paint a vivid picture of the journey from their current problems to the solutions you're offering, showing off the proven ROI and success rates along the way.


Now, here's the real sales call secret: asking the right questions.

Asking the right questions helps you align with your client and outline clear next steps. When you can tap into their thought process and show them how your solutions fit perfectly into their world --the magic happens.

Emotions, Rejection, and Money --Oh my!

Now, let's address the elephant in the room: emotions. The fear of rejection and the discomfort of discussing money – emotions are a natural part of sales conversations. Acknowledging them and practicing self-care and mindfulness techniques can help you manage them, enabling you to stay focused and engaged during those critical discussions.

The discovery phase isn't just a one-time event in sales. It's a continuous journey. 
-Keep probing
-Keep seeking insights --even after you've secured the client. 
-Approach every conversation as a puzzle you're unraveling --with each piece bringing you closer to the solution.

Now, let's talk numbers

How many questions should you be asking in a thirty-minute chat? Quality beats quantity every time. Additionally, you want to focus on asking targeted, open-ended questions that really get the conversation flowing. And if time's running short, prioritize setting up those next steps over cramming in more questions.

And last but not least, practice your sales call questions. 

Practice asking open-ended questions in everyday conversations so you can fine-tune your approach.

Obligatory-But-True-Cliché: Mastering those discovery chats is a journey, not a destination. However, with the right skills, a mindful approach, and a genuine focus on your client's needs, you can have successful sales calls like a pro.

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