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Transforming Sales Mindset: It's not about me.

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 5/8/24 5:26 PM

Transforming Sales Mindset Its #notaboutme

Once upon a time, there was a new business owner (me!) who detested the notion of sales. It was a word that carried the weight of desperation and discomfort, and I found myself struggling in my business as a direct consequence. Like many others, my story is documented in the pages of experience, a journey that forced me to confront a pivotal decision in my entrepreneurial path. 

Do I persist in my struggles, or do I succumb to the allure of traditional employment to provide for my family?

the moment of desperation

I vividly recall the moment when desperation led me to an interview, arranged through my sister's connection, during the throes of a recession. As I sat across the table from my sister's boss, the gravity of my circumstances weighed heavily upon me. In that tense moment, he posed a question that would alter my perspective forever: "If you were in my position, who would you choose?"

The immediate impulse was to advocate for myself, to assert my desperate need for employment. But a flicker of realization sparked within me. This decision wasn't just about securing a job; it carried implications for my relationship with my sister and her employer. So, I asked a simple yet profound question: "What's the most important aspect of this role?"

His response was unexpected and humbling. It wasn't a task aligned with my strengths, and I knew it. With honesty, I recommended the other candidate --someone better suited for the role. The gratitude in his eyes was noticeable, and his words resonated deeply: "Thank you for making this decision easier for me."

This encounter marked a pivotal shift in my mindset: It's not about me.

It was about understanding the needs of others. Launching my journey of self-discovery, I embraced the wisdom of a sales coach who echoed the same sentiment: "It's not about me."

For a more detailed and perhaps less "poetic" version of this story, watch the video below:

Through introspection and learning, I uncovered the power of empathy in sales. It wasn't about coercion or manipulation but about genuine connection and understanding. As I prioritized the needs of others, I found liberation from the fear of rejection and failure.

Daniel Pink's insights in "To Sell Is Human" has reinforced my quest to challenge conventional perceptions of sales. The pervasive stereotype of sales as pushy and sleazy hindered countless individuals from realizing their full potential. It was time to rewrite the narrative.

Armed with newfound empathy and understanding, I ventured to redefine sales for myself and others. It wasn't just about what we sold but how we approached the process—with empathy, integrity, and authenticity.

In embracing the #notaboutme mindset shift, I discovered a profound truth:

Our beliefs shape our behaviors, and our behaviors shape our outcomes.  By prioritizing empathy and understanding, we can reshape the sales experience from transactional to transformative.

Join the conversation! Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below. Have you encountered similar challenges in your journey? How has empathy transformed your approach to sales? 

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