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What's the worst thing that can happen?

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 4/18/23 11:15 AM

the worst thing that can happen

We're worried about the relationship that we're trying to build. We're worried that the person's going to get upset with us. 

Sometimes we're wired to think, who do I think I am to call on their boss and upset them? 

So, What's the worst thing that can happen if we avoid approaching our buyer's boss?

It might not happen. And the person you're trying to help might not get the help they need because we can't help make it happen. Now that's what's happening in our minds. 

But what's happening in the buyer's mind is that they're unwilling to bring their boss in because they need to know if they can trust you todo the right things in front of their boss to make them look good. They don't want to waste their boss this time.

And we're not asking a lot of good questions because of:
1. Our need for approval
2. We don't want to upset people 
3. We're getting emotionally involved

Therefore, we're not asking those tough questions that will get the person we are talking to think differently or to say, "You know what? I don't know the answer to that". 

Presenting obstacles they might encounter:

Discuss pitfalls that they might need to maneuver through, asking them questions about who else they have talked to about this internally. And what's important to the people making the decision. Further, if they don't know the answers, then that's when we say, how do we get that person involved in this conversation so that we're most effective in not wasting anybody's time? 

Depending on your relationship with that particular person, when I reach out to so and so, what is the best way to position this specific issue? It's not asking, can I -do you mind if I —it's when I do this, what do you think is the best way to go about it?

Ask thought-provoking questions to get those people involved. For instance, "When I reach out to this person, what's the best way to do it?" Then ask: 

  • What is their decision-making process internally? 
  • Who needs to get involved, and at what stages? 
  • What information is most important to them? 

That becomes a milestone and a road map that you've built together with that person of when their boss will get involved and what they need for information to feel comfortable doing that. 

Now, they're setting the expectations that this will happen by asking how these things get done internally. So how do you do this with them? Role-playing and practicing those different techniques with them in that conversation.  

And when you do the role play in the coaching call with them, Ask them what their biggest fear is. What will happen if you ask this person to talk to their boss? What's the worst thing that can happen?

And then just play it out with them and say, "Okay. Did the world end? Does your cat, does your dog --do your kids still love you?" Of course, they do!

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