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Yes. Buyers WANT to buy your solution!

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 1/3/23 7:15 AM

your solution

Believe it or not, buyers want to buy your solution. And for the most part, buyers have an idea of what they need and how to get there because they have goals in mind. 

But if you have ever experienced this:

You're almost all of the way through the process with a buyer. Then suddenly, at the last minute, at the last call, you think you're going to close the deal, and they bring up an objection. 
-And you hadn't expected it… 
-Or you had hoped they wouldn't bring it up…

What happens? You get completely off track and derailed because There's this huge obstacle in the way for you and your buyer, and you never brought it up.  And you probably didn't bring it up because you feared it would derail and delay the process. Right?

Well, guess what? It's going to happen anyway. 

So here's a quick tip for you:

You probably have seen it before when a buyer has had difficulty implementing your solution or getting the desired results because they didn't have the internal processes or resources to get it done properly. 

So bring it up to them. Bring it up before they bring it up because it's something they might not know or realize. After all, this is the first time they've bought your solution. Or this is a problem they've never encountered. 

And they don't know what they don't know --and they know that they don't know it. 

That is your job as a salesperson. 

It is your ethical responsibility to bring those things up to them. Because ultimately, you want them to be successful, right? They will not be successful in purchasing your solution, implementing it, or seeing the results of their solution if they're this big obstacle in the way. 

So do your buyers a favor, build trust with them early in the process, and bring up any objections that other buyers have had or that you anticipate they might have.

Bring it up to them because it's something they might not fully realize, and that is how you capture their attention. 

Then ask:

  • If this happens to you, what's your plan to work through it? 
  • How would you like to work through this if this comes up for you? 
  • What plan or resources do you have to overcome this particular challenge? Or obstacle to getting to your goals."

Now you've built trust and helped your buyer make a decision and succeed with your solution. 

Until next time, keep learning. Keep sharing up there.


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