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Politics and Social Media - Is All Publicity Good Publicity?

In all fairness and self-disclosure, I am a registered Independent. I have not made my final decision on who I will vote for governor here in Maine (the man I wanted for the job didn't win the primary- he knows who he is). I am not, nor will I ever...

No Love for LinkedIn? What are you missing out on?

Is LinkedIn the red headed step child of the big three?

In preparation for my LinkedIn presentation at Social Media FTW, I came to realize how much LinkedIn is ignored. I actually started realizing this when clients would ask me, "How do I get more...

Facebook Places: A Little Too Much Info?

What is Facebook Places?

Facebook has recently launched a new Application called Facebook Places, a location based app that utilizes your cell phone to allow you to let your friends know where you are based on your GPS location. 

Me, Me, Me... Using LinkedIn for Personal Branding

It's okay to be a narcissist, really?

You may have heard a lot of talk in the social media channels warning you to 'not be that guy' and self-promote yourself more than you do others.