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Be Fearless: Accountability and your personal growth

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 1/17/24 2:39 PM

Accountability and your personal growth

The journey towards our goals is more than just a commitment; it's a series of decisions that shape our path. In this blog post, I want to delve into the significance of seeking external accountability, drawing inspiration from conversations with various professionals, including Navy Seals, FBI directors, and CIA Behavioral Analysts.

The Strength in Seeking Accountability:

During a coaching session, a client realized the necessity of proactive external accountability. It became clear that seeking accountability isn't a sign of weakness but a trait shared by the most vital individuals.

Insights from professionals like Navy Seals and firefighters underscore the impact of being accountable to oneself and the team.

The Role of Responsibility in Training:

In high-stakes professions, accountability is a cornerstone of training. Whether it's Navy Seals or EMTs, the discipline needed for success is nurtured through a sense of responsibility to oneself and the team. This accountability not only fuels personal growth but instills a commitment to others.

Incorporating Accountability in Personal Life:

I encourage fellow entrepreneurs, small business owners, sales leaders, and professionals to share their goals with significant others, family, and friends. These individuals become integral to your accountability network, offering the support, feedback, and encouragement needed on this journey.

Building Your Support Group:

Identifying the right people for your support group is paramount. Whether it's your spouse, clients, or mastermind group members, having individuals who challenge, encourage, or provide objective feedback is essential. Consider who can play specific roles in your support network, such as the devil's advocate or the source of warm encouragement.

Making Regular Reports:

The final step in the accountability process is making regular reports to your chosen support group. While the frequency may vary, consistency is key. I personally recommend weekly reports as they allow for a comprehensive review of progress, challenges, and wins. Addressing questions like lessons learned, struggles faced, failures encountered, achievements celebrated, and next steps can guide these reports.

Leveraging the Laws of Social Influence:

I've come to understand the laws of social influence, emphasizing that the people we surround ourselves with determine the level to which we rise. Making conscious decisions about relationships and choosing those who uplift and challenge us is vital for personal growth.

In the pursuit of business success, accountability emerges as a powerful catalyst.

Entrepreneurs and professionals can leverage external accountability to reach new heights by sharing commitments, building a support group, and making regular reports. 

It's not just about personal growth; it's about uplifting those around us and making tough decisions for the sake of positive change.

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