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Breaking Free: How sales professionals can thrive

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 5/2/24 1:39 PM

Breaking Free How sales professionals can thrive

Now, I really enjoy working with all levels of the sales team, from the entry-level BDR to the company president. I don't just work with sales teams, ya'll; I also help self-employed individuals and small business owners who need to sell.

Lately, I've noticed a common trend emerging—a growing sense of uncertainty among us.

If you all feel that today's sales world is like traversing an endless mountain range, with each peak representing a new challenge to overcome, you're not alone. One such challenge arises when sales quotas are raised, adding layers of stress that make meaningful conversations with prospects seem like an elusive goal. This is a shared experience among many of us in the sales profession.

How This Pressure Affects Our Ability to Thrive:

The pressure to meet activity numbers and seize every deal opportunity can consume us, leaving us unable to fully engage with potential buyers and fully uncover their genuine challenges.

Sales managers often add to the pressure felt by their teams by dictating tasks instead of providing effective coaching. Consequently, this can worsen the feeling of being overworked, undervalued, and burnt out among sales professionals, leading to decreased productivity and job satisfaction.

Often seen as confident decision-makers, leaders also struggle with uncertainty. These challenges are unprecedented, and past experiences offer little guidance in this uncharted territory. As a result, many leaders are unsure of their ability to make the right decisions.

Self-employed business owners face unique uncertainties. The struggle to secure enough clients often triggers imposter syndrome and self-doubt, casting doubt on their own capabilities.

"A common thread ties all these challenges together: a lack of emotional management. It's no wonder that a staggering 63% of sales professionals struggle to control their emotions during sales tasks and processes."

However, amidst these challenges lies an opportunity for growth and resilience. This is not just a possibility; it's an assurance to thrive in our sales journey.


These three science-backed strategies can help you break free from the cycle of stress and uncertainty.

1) Avoid comparing yourself to others. To stay motivated, set meaningful goals based on your personal values and aspirations.

2) To create an effective action plan, objectively assess your skills. Identify strengths and milestones and develop strategies to overcome obstacles.

  • Tailor your plan to your needs and goals.
  • Practice challenging situations by role-playing sales scenarios, handling objections, and rehearsing your pitch in front of a mirror.
  • Repeated exposure is key to building confidence and resilience. A plan is not enough; practice is crucial.

3) Prioritize self-care as a cornerstone of success. Emotional well-being is essential for maintaining 'peak performance'- a state where you operate at your highest level of productivity and effectiveness. 

"Sales isn't just a numbers game—it's a mental game."

So remember, thriving in the face of adversity is the key to achieving your goals and becoming a sales champion.

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Together, we can unlock our full potential and thrive in the face of any challenge!

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