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Remote Workers: Why you're feeling so disconnected

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 4/19/22 7:09 AM


Being remote, the pandemic: In all honesty, I took for granted, how big of a shift this was going to be for people because I've been working remotely and virtually for over a decade. It's second nature to me. So I had to kind of go back to those early days where there wasn't a lot of support and not many people were doing it and the disconnection that I felt.

And so I think that's one thing that people need to take into account is the environment has changed, not just because we're virtual but because of where people are. They’re working out of their homes. Their dogs are barking at the UPS guy, you know, their kids are trying to do homework.

Everybody's more frazzled. But at the same time, more isolated —more disconnected because we're not in the groups that we were. We're not doing the conferences and the networking like we were. And so that's changed people's dynamics of things.

We're Zoomed out, Right?

We're on Zoom literally from morning until nighttime, and you would be surprised how things like that were old are new again. Like phone calls versus Zoom calls. Real mail versus email. Sending people little packages and little things that say like, “Hey, I was thinking of you”. How much of an impact that can really make. Because we don't have that personal connection like we did before.

A quick tip when you are feeling disconnected.

So, it is almost like even though we've gone virtual, we have to slow down and take smaller steps to really connect with people now. Because we don't have that personal face-to-face chemistry and reaction where we could accelerate the relationship even more.

So I think that if we can take that into account and do less of the pitching and the email sequences, I said this to a BDR the other day:

“You need to sound like and be more like a human than your email sequence. You need to be able to add more to the conversation than Google and the website. If you can't be a human, why would they talk to you?”

We have to realize is the dynamic has fundamentally shifted within sales. Therefore, we need to be more conscious of taking the small steps to make the real connection.

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