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Are you a victim...of your habits?

So what does it mean to be a victim of your habits? Well, it's kind of like when you just lost a whole bunch of weight. And then one day you step on the scale, only to realize that somehow 17 pounds just magically appeared.

What Sales Can Learn From Cobra Kai

I have spent the first week of this year coaching a lot of sellers and a lot of managers. And I have seen to notice this theme that's been coming out this week.

What to say when they actually answer the phone

I was sitting here in my kitchen thinking about what is my afternoon snack going to be and what my coaching takeaway of the day going to be?

This is where your best sales leads come from.

I have been working with a client for 30 days. So far, she has closed a 10k deal and has 3 more strong opportunities for over $100K/year each. She could reach her 2015 goals before the end of the quarter. When we shared her story with our other...

Business Book Summaries: "Agile Selling" by Jill Konrath

I started reading Agile Selling the weekend before I left for my first Sales Shebang event. The shorter of Jill's books, it was informative and enjoyable to read.

As I sat next to my husband at the lake and read certain parts out loud to him...

Why is a Sales and Marketing SLA Crucial for Smarketing?

What is a Sales and Marketing SLA?

A SLA, or service level agreement, is like a contract between sales and marketing departments or functions. It is the feedback and handoff that happen between the sales and marketing functions as a buyer enters...

Best Practices for Sales and Marketing are not Sacred Cows

Why Sales and Marketing Best Practices are Like a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

No, this is not a book review of Animal Farm. Although if you consider that the biggest danger of 'best practice blindness' is myopia then yes, consider this a book you...