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Using LinkedIn for SMarketing

Posted by Jess Stark on 8/24/11 1:30 PM

Rick Roberge of Kurlan and Associates recently posted a blog entitled, Are your Marketing and Sales Synchronized?  In many cases, they aren't, but when they DO learn to work together, you get amazing results!

Is your process continuous from the very first attention-getting headline all the way through to the sales contract?

Marketing is finding and being found by your dream prospects, sales is engaging and establishing a relationship and then closing the deal. Marketing sets the expectations and makes the introduction, sales follows through and builds the relationship.

In dating it would look like this:

On the Millionaire Matchmaker , rich men hire a matchmaker to find dates for them because they are too busy to date.  The Millionaire Matchmaker is your Inbound Marketing specialist.  The wealthy men who are hiring her to get found are Internet marketing customers.  The women who are set up on the dates are your sales people.

The matchmaker helps the man (client) identify the answers he is seeking and what questions he has.  She also prepares him for the questions that the salespeople (his dates) will ask.  She then sets up the first date by marketing the women in a certain way to get the man’s interest.

It is up to the women (sales) to build the relationship.  The women must understand how marketing cultivated the questions and answers and approach the prospect by using questions to engage him.  She must complete the sales process and deliver on the promises made by the matchmaker.

The matchmaker (inbound marketing) warms up the men (customer) for the deeper connection with the women (sales).

How do you achieve synchronization?

Inbound marketing works best when marketing and sales speak the same language and understand what one another are saying and how that applies to the process.  Sales needs to understand how marketing is setting up the leads and marketing needs to know how sales are following through with the leads.

Why is this Important?

If you don't know how to develop a virtual relationship you're not going to make money in the 21st century.  Are you looking to learn how to synchronize your marketing and sales and to get found by prospects, find dream prospects and close the deal?


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