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Why Spock Would Have Mind-Melded Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

Posted by Jess Stark on 11/1/11 11:35 AM

Last week, the Hubspot Unicorn posted wise words from the most logical source there is: "The miracle is this - the more we share, the more we have."

Spock would approve of social media for business

I am a HUGE Spock fan. Like Carole, I grew up in the Trekkie generation and have had a crush on Spock since I was a little girl. Maybe it is the logical nature.

It struck me how appropriate that quote is for using social media for business.

What is marketing anyway? Taking someone's idea and building on it. In todays internet world, information is coming at you at the speed of light. Social media is all about staying active, keeping up, sharing the knowledge that you have, and the knowledge that you gain from being around others who do similiar or complementary things. Everyone ends up with more because of it - including businesses.

People spend a lot of time and effort to figure out the metrics for being successful on Twitter. Why? Because people are there. People are paying attention, people follow you to get the latest and greatest information on the topic that you write about. And when you share with people, some of them will share back.

LinkedIn is the new resume. When people want to find a job, they change their information to searching for a job and they find one. Facebook is becoming as powerful a search engine as Google. You want information fast? Ask your friends on Facebook. You get timely, referral-based messages that answer your questions. Everyone wins.

Wouldn't Spock have thought it was logical to utilize the tools of the future to get to your destination?

Business Buddies

Businesses can get in on this sharing more and having more. Social media is not just a fad - not just a band wagon to jump on. The yellow pages and direct mailers aren't getting people's attention anymore. Now people are browsing Facebook and Twitter from their smartphones. It's easier than ever to ask their friends for referrals - and get one the moment they need it. Businesses can be "friends" too.

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