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Smarketing Analysis: Why Are Girls Better at Sales Than Boys?

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 12/16/11 4:15 PM

The Sales Battle of the Sexes Answer

Girls have more tools, and they were raised to know how to use them. So this post is not meant to rub it in the boy's faces, but my intentions are that my observations will be taken as helpful tips to the boys and motivating factors for the girls.

My mother, grandmothers, aunts and uncles all taught me one thing about boys. Don't make it too easy for them. They are after one thing, and one thing only, because it is the thing that is solely mine to give. The process of weeding out the good ones from the bad comes would come to light if I remembered 4 simple words.

"Be Hard To Get"

The #1 tip I could give any sales person, whether male or female, is start playing hard to get. That does not mean be difficult, childish, or a snob. It simply means stop trying to hurry up and get to 3rd base, even if the prospect is pushing you, until you have something solid built with the prospect first.

It also means have fun, be engaging and thoughtful without rushing into anything. Never seem to eager or desperate or you immediately become less attractive. Let them chase you.

As the infamous Patti Stange, the Millionaire Matchmatcher, says; "No sex before monogamy."

I put it to sales people this way; "No sale before mutual match."

What is a Mutual Match in Sales?

Have you heard the phrase not everyone is your customer? Do you know what it is about your prospect that doesn't just qualify them as a target, but what makes them an ideal match and eventual customer evangelist? Do you know why you are the ideal match for them versus the other guy?

If you are a B2B company then you know that these are not questions that you are going to be able to answer with a prospect in one phone call. If you are in the B2C space, then you know you don't have time to figure that out, your website is going to have to do most of the work for you.

Remember what my nana says, some guys will chase any skirt and you don't want to end up alone like that guy. Do you?

Not everyone is your customer. The right customer is out there.

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