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The Best Sales Strategy for Every Month End

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 1/31/12 3:41 PM

Don't let the smarketing buzzword fool you!

The following is more of a disclaimer: marketing is not the answer. Inbound marketing is not the answer. Focusing on marketing is always going to be the easy answer. I know, it's says "Mahoney Internet Marketing" on the door. But think about it.

Joke: Why do some marketers become marketers?

Punchline: Because they can't sell.

Admitly, the word 'smarketing' is a marketing term. But don't miss this;

  1. It's not MY word! I heard it from a guy who heard it from a guy who has something to do with Harvard. 
  2. It starts with S. Not for smart. For SALES. Sales comes first. SALES and MARKETING Integration. True you can't have one without the other.

But call a marketer at month end? You'll probably catch them planning Feb, March and April content. At least they should. Call a sales person at month end? Good luck.

To My Fellow Sales People

If you are in sales (and if you are an entreprenuer, CEO, customer service, HR, whatever role, you are in sales) you know it is month end. You are probably looking at the clock, either in anticipation or anxiety. If in anticipation, you are looking forward to a celebration. If anxiety, well, no need to say it, it's month's end.

Sales Tip: Close More Sales Using Different Ears

Turn off your happy ears. How committed are they? To do what is necessary? To committ resources to the next step? Whether that is in the decision making or buying process. Push back. Disqualify. Politely call out the pink elephant in the room; their objections, challenges and disbeliefs.

Ask, listen and be patient. How compelling are their reasons to change something?  If they are not ready, and you push, you might not just lose them this month- you might lose them this quarter. If you don't find a compelling reason to take the next step, you won't get there.

Pay attention! If you understand and get to compelling, what their commitment to that is, you can close month end AND still make it a good solid customer evangelistic sale.

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