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Mahoney Internet Marketing to Close Doors

Posted by Carole Mahoney

 4/1/12 9:00 PM

It's been a fun 5 year run. Until today. Because as of today, the begining of Q2, MiM is no longer accepting new clients.

No, this is not an April Fool's day joke post.

This is real.

"Why stop now, why give it up?" Might be your next question.

Simply because, (despite what some may claim) marketing alone, Internet marketing, even Inbound Marketing, is not enough to grow and create a successful business with long term ROI.

Smarketing is.

"Isn't marketing important?" Come on, really? If you are a regular here, I don't really have to answer that, right?

Do you think I am a fool to stop chasing down the Internet marketing agency idea in a time of it's largest growth?

Am I a sucker to stop focusing on a company that has (nearly) doubled revenue & profitability every year?

Do I know something you don't?

Have you also been asking yourself; 

"Maybe things aren't what they seem, or what the sales performance numbers say?"

Or is it just not fun anymore, and you are hoping you can fall in love again with your business?"

Personally, I prefer to fail on purpose, not by accident. If you don't like failing at all, then start with an honest evaluation of you, your business and your direction. 

Special offer for marketing firm owners.



P.S- ok, so it is a slight April Fool's joke, but only slightly. MiM is repositioning as our target market evolves. What are your thoughts? Is internet marketing the magic bullet of business success? Or is there something else missing?

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