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How do you use social media in your sales strategy?

Posted by Carole Mahoney

 5/2/12, 6:01 PM

Is social media a waste of time or a critical sales 2.0 strategy?

It would seem to be a given. If sales is about developing relationships, and social media is about relationships, then how can social media possibly be a waste of time for any sales person?

But do sales people really use social media successfully? And if so, who? How? Where?

What would you ask those sales people who are, or aren't, using social media successfully as part of their sales strategy? Post your question here, and we will include it in our survey to solopreneurs that do all of the selling themselves, small business owners that need to make the transition from the old way to the new way, as well as sales executives that manage salespeople.

Data will be compiled throughout May and shared with all participants in early June.

If more than one person in your organization sells, please share with all of them. If you belong to a networking group, chamber of commerce, or an association that has business owners as members, please share with all of them. If you have vendors or salespeople that call on you or you call on your prospects and customers, please share with all of them. If you and/or your people are already using social media, please share on those venues. The more data we have, the more we all learn.

Partcipate in the survey here.

If you would like to receive a copy (of the unaltered and raw data) results, register here to have it sent to you.



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