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Challenge Question: The Importance of Marketing? Or a Lack of Sales?

Posted by Carole Mahoney

 7/20/12 10:37 AM

Are you an entreprenuer who eats what you kill?

A few weeks ago I was having a LinkedIn exchange with a fellow group member. Eventually we got to a point where he said this in his email.

"Unfortunately, ABC company did not succeed and is in the process of being shut down.  We were never able to get the marketing traction needed to earn enough revenue.  I'm working now on a new venture, XYZ Corp, that is focused on helping <insert product/service> in <insert assumed target market>. We are still in the very early stages, so you won't hear from us for a few months at least."

Fast forward to yesterday, when a new client said to me, "We eat what we kill." They are about to make a big switch in their diet. I'm their diet coach. They seem committed, one of the primary keys for success.

The challenge question(s)- is it the overlooked importance of marketing, or is it an underestimated lack of sales that causes a product, service, or company to fail?

Who is ultimately responsible for revenue?

How do you start to improve results?


Topics: sales, marketing, entrepreneur

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