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Can one coaching call really make a difference?

Posted by Carole Mahoney

 12/5/16 7:00 AM

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been holding our Live Sales Labs every week. We don't normally do them that often, but with lots of people scrambling to close end of year deals- it seemed like a good way to help.

Salespeople send in their recorded calls, forward their emails, or describe to us their scenario and what is and is not working. There is no powerpoint, no pitch- just straight situation based coaching.

The idea came about when I noticed that there were times when new clients signed on with us and within the first conversation, we found something that could be an opportunity. There were even times that after one conversation, a salesperson changed one small thing and started seeing immediate results. By changing just one or two variables, it made a huge difference. Like an experiment in a lab...

Could we do that for complete strangers? Could one coaching call make a difference for them?

Last week one such person, let’s call her Sara, emailed us her prospecting email that she was getting no response to, never mind setting up meetings and appointments. After we dissected her email on the Live Sales Lab (click here to listen to the recording), she sent us this note:

Thank you for addressing my e-mail it today’s webinar session.  It was very helpful.  I didn’t realize that my e-mail was all about me, but you both are right...What would you recommend I say/or change for my voice mail messages? 

What would you write if you were me writing a prospecting e-mail?  What  subject line should be used?   

I’d like to try out your suggestions and see what results I get.   I’d be more than glad to share the results with you over the phone or via e-mail.   Please advise.  Thanks!   

After a 15 minute conversation with Sara we sent her an edited prospecting email as well as a new voicemail message. Sara promised to track her activity and results and let us know how it worked out. Here’s what she told us:

The ideas from last week are making a huge difference, and I have a new arsenal of tools to use during my prospecting calls/e-mails…I left 5 voice mail messages and 3 of the 5 called me back.  

And this was just day 1! Sara went on to say that one of the people who called her back had a conversation with her and she asked simple questions and then just “shut up and listened”. Long story short; “The man asked how much, then said sign me up.  I couldn’t believe it. This is a rare occasion.” She closed a new deal!

Sara was brave, unafraid of being wrong, and willing to accept feedback and apply it. She could be coachable.  Are you? Are you frustrated that what you are doing isn’t working? Are you willing to try something completely different?

little things make big things.png

Check out some of the previously recorded Sales Lab- maybe you will find some ideas to create your own “rare occasions”?

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Don’t see your scenario listed yet? Send it in to us for the next Live Sales Lab. If we choose your scenario, you will also get a 15 min 1-1 coaching session with Rick and/or me.

Still don't believe that one coaching call can make a difference? Sara might disagree ...

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