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How NOT to use a CRM

Posted by Carole Mahoney

 6/12/15 12:16 PM

Are your sales down?

Is a CRM going to get you more sales?

My sales mentor's CRM looked like this:



Does that make him an ineffective or bad salesperson? 

And if you have a not-so-great salesperson, but do have an awesome and easy to use CRM, is that going to make them a better salesperson?

It’s about the people using the tool, not the tool itself. The tools aren't the solution.

On a webinar a few weeks ago, I heard the presenter (of a software company that sold CRMs) that they weren’t trying to transform sales people, just trying to give them better tools.

Better tools to do what? Stalk and spam people?

What if, instead of forcing a CRM on salespeople, we transformed them into inbound salespeople and they drove the adoption of the new tools, and used them to their best purpose?

Can the tools help you sell more? 

Absolutely! If you are a good salesperson to begin with. Great salespeople practice with a dedicated coach. 

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