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How to learn from mistakes quickly

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 7/21/20 7:15 AM

Sara Gupta Learn From Mistakes

What things can you put in place in order to learn from mistakes quickly?

Check out what Sara Gupta, the VP of Sales at Amperity, has to say about what works for her in this clip from the What Sales Can Learn From series.



Carole Mahoney:
We all know we make mistakes, and it's really about what, and how quickly we can learn from them. Are there things that you've put in place for yourself, you mentioned self-reflection, to help you really learn quickly from those mistakes that you've learned as you've done these past 13 years in tech sales?

Sara Gupta:
Yeah, I think one of the things I've done is, you and I talked about this, I just came out of a one year program in executive coaching that I invested in because I wanted to have evidence-based tools to work with my team in a more effective fashion on sort of an EEQ emotional intelligence front. And that's been a big help to me. It's also allowed me to create a network of coaches, and people that I rely on as a place of reflection, which can be highly powerful to have. Because you can't share everything with your team, and because you can't always rely on your leadership to be the place to have these dialogues. It's really important to make sure that you have a network outside of your leadership and your team to process and reflect. So, I'm fortunate to know some coaches and people like that, that kind of allow me that space.

And then really trying to learn from others. You know, what am I seeing that's working? And whether it be reading about other leadership styles and approaches, and individuals and leadership that I admire, or through people within my own organization who I think are doing a great job with their team. Really trying to get close to that; what are they doing? How are they doing it? Where did they learn it? So, trying to be observant beyond my own experiences.

Carole Mahoney:
Yeah. Which goes perfectly in line with the whole theme of this show, which is: it is a fool who learns from his own mistakes, and a wise man who learns from other mistakes. So thank you so much for being here.

And I love what you said about having coaches around you, because I firmly believe that everyone needs a coach. The coaches needed coach. The coaches coach needs a coach. Because it is that ability to keep us... We're too close to our own junk in our own head, to be able to really sometimes be able to see clearly. And that's why those types of relationships are so invaluable.

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