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Mid-Year Check-In

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 7/2/19 7:15 AM

Mid Year Check In

Recently, I hiked through Utah with my son, which was one of my own personal goals. During this hike, I began thinking about how many actually reach their goals.

We're almost at halfway through the year right now, and at the beginning of this year, you probably set some pretty audacious goals for yourself.

But how is that going for you now?

About two-thirds of us maybe have given up or decided to go in some other direction because it wasn't going the way that you wanted it to or thought that it would. But there's things that you can do, even now, almost halfway through the year, to change your trajectory.

Step 1
Remember, it's really not about you; it's about your client. And when you think about this in terms of your goals, stop worrying about how you're going to look, or how people are going to think of you, whether you reach your goals or not because it's not about you. It's actually about helping other people.

Step 2
The second thing in helping you to reach your goals this year is to prepare. Circumstances happen. It rains, it snows, the weather goes bad. But how are you going to prepare for those eventual obstacles that will happen?

Being prepared doesn't mean you have everything laid out, but it means that you have a mindset towards taking action, which is the very next thing that you can do in taking action.

Step 3
Take those first steps, and the easiest way to take those first steps is stop looking at the scoreboard. Maybe you're behind quota. Maybe you're not at the number you want to be at yet. But if you can focus on the one thing that you want to do now and today, that'll make a difference towards your goals for tomorrow.

So, join me in accomplishing your goals, whether it's hiking in Utah in inclement weather or reaching your quota or building your business.

See you on the next hill!

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