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One thing that has contributed to Michael Hurczyn's success

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 6/2/20 7:15 AM

Michael Hurczyn - One thing that has contributed to Michael Hurczyns success

Michael Hurczyn is the Brand & Partnership Director for FCP Euro and he currently races in the TNC racing series, which is the top series in the US. He's had a number of great success milestones, so what's one thing that has really contributed to his success?

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Can Michael Hurczyn name one thing that has contributed to his success?

Carole Mahoney:

You've been doing racing for 20 years, you've been in sales, you've got director positions at the company that you're seeing all kinds of great success. What do you think is the one thing in all of those areas that has contributed to that success?

Michael Hurczyn:

I would say it's kind of split, building relationships and parlaying opportunities. And so finding people and it's kind of like you have to give, so for me, nobody came in. I say this all the time, and when people complain about, well, how come I can't drive the car? Or how come you're doing this? And it's not like we all showed up here and then there was a random lottery and I pulled the ticket that gets the drive the car. It took me a long time to figure out how to do this. I literally spent 18 years perfecting how not to go racing, so now that I've gotten the money and the opportunity to do that we have a really successful program. But it's really about just kind of sticking with it and connecting the dots with the right people.

I've gotten here because I've identified how to help a lot of different people achieve what they need to achieve.Nobody came looking for me and saying, "Hey, you're a really good driver. Do you want to drive our car?" For me it was like, I've satisfied our internal needs at FCP Euro. I've satisfied our partner needs. I've kind of put all these things together and connected all the dots and built relationships with dozens of people in order to make this happen. And so I think that would be the same in any sales scenario, in any company, going back to setting personal goals and setting deliberate goals. I'm going to take these deliberate steps in order to achieve these goals instead of just, I'm going to sell as much as I can and hopefully that's going to solve all my problems, which is probably not going to do that, and you're probably not going to achieve your goals either.

Carole Mahoney:

Yeah. I think my favorite thing of what you just said was that you look to find out how do I make this work for other people? To get where you are, it's not so much that it's been about what you want and all about you, but it's actually been about building relationships to help others to get what they want that has helped to build you up, which is why that's the motto of not about me and the tee shirt, hence, there you go.


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