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Personal branding lessons for sales people from Game of Thrones

Posted by Carole Mahoney  3/1/15 8:00 PM

When the concept of a "personal brand" was first mentioned to me, I took issue with the idea.

Admittedly, I'm not a "branding" type of person. It just seems so impersonal. People want to buy from people, not brands. The beauty of the Internet is that it has brought us full circle back to the one-to-one individual engagement between a business (brand) and the buyer.

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Me, Me, Me... Using LinkedIn for Personal Branding

Posted by Carole Mahoney  9/4/10 11:21 AM

It's okay to be a narcissist, really?

You may have heard a lot of talk in the social media channels warning you to 'not be that guy' and self-promote yourself more than you do others.

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Why this blog exists.

"Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterward." ~Vernon Law 
This blog is a home for the business growth lessons that we and our associates and clients have learned from the front lines.

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