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Using the cognitive load theory to focus in & prevent overload

Posted by Carole Mahoney

 1/14/20 7:15 AM


Have you heard about the cognitive load theory?

This theory states that the brain can only do so many things at once. Because of this, we need to be careful about how much we throw at people when we are trying to teach them in order to prevent them from becoming overloaded. 

Learn more about this from teacher, Matt Miller, in this clip!




Matt Miller: You mentioned Dunning Kruger, I'm going to mention Cognitive Load Theory too. Cognitive Load Theory just says that your working memory only has so much capacity. Your working memory obviously... It's like the RAM in your computer. It's like your hands if you're trying to move something or clean up your house. You can only hold so much here and once that's full of then it's full.

And so whenever we pile too much stuff on top of them at once, instead of dumping all of those things on them, what if we selectively give them the things that they can actually hold knowing that they can't hold an infinite number of things.

Carole Mahoney: Yeah, focus on one thing. One of the things that I say to sales managers a lot that as coaches you're teachers. And as teachers you've got to focus on one thing at a time to help them improve. Like if you say, "Okay, do this now, do this now. After you're done doing that, do this." They're still trying to figure out what you said in the first thing, rather giving them three other things to do. I've learned that the hard way with my own kids in trying to tell them how to clean the bathroom.

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